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Success or Failure…Either/Or…Really!

Many of you had a job that involved sales in various aspects of your career. In so many cases there were “winners” and “losers”. You won an award for selling more than your co-worker. If you didn’t measure up to your employer’s expectations or goals that were set for you, a new job may have been your next destination!

We carry this scenario throughout our lives. In sports, who remembers the “losers” in the Super Bowl? Number one is the goal of so many athletes as finishing second is just not acceptable. One of my friends told me that his daughter won second place in a sales contest. Their were 7,000 sales people across the world in her company. He called to congratulate her, and her response was, “dad, why are you congratulating me for being the first loser!” That says it all.

What does this have to do with real estate and choices we make or avoid when considering moving to a better situation? Everything!
Think about it. Our homes are so critical to our quality of life. Many of my senior clients will confide in me as to how their lives are impacted by the home they live in. In many cases I will hear about how negatively affected they are by the home they live in, or I will hear how much their home adds to their quality of life. In the negative situation, cost of maintenance, security issues, stairs, distance to visit their children and isolation are just a few reasons for a negatively impacted quality of life. When speaking in the positive, the opposite holds true. They are in a much better position where funds are available for maintenance, travel and altering the interior to meet physical needs, etc.

So you see, we look at our home situations as either working for us or not working for us. It is black and white, either or. But as we all know life is many shades of color and more complex than we like to think about it. We can cope so much easier when we break issues down to good and bad, right and wrong, pleasant or unpleasant. That is just the way our minds work to cope with situations that seem overwhelming…like moving!

If we are in homes that truly no longer work for our current situation, why not view what we perceive to be negative as something to work towards. If we decide to move towards that which causes discomfort (the moving process) and know that getting to that point means we are on our path to a better life. View the uncomfortable, overwhelming thought of downsizing, selling and finding a new home as just a step on your journey to a home that provides all of the necessities and comforts you truly desire. See you being around others, no worry of maintenance, and feeling safe. That will be the end result and the moving process will be a stepping stone on your path to true wellness and happiness. Changing your thought process from choosing to see your current situation as either negative or positive, to viewing your current situation as a stepping stone to move through to get where you need to be can be the difference of staying in a bad situation to one that offers comfort, safety, and true happiness. It’s your choice!

About Bruce Nemovitz

Bruce Nemovitz has been a Realtor in the Milwaukee area for more than thirty-five years. He is in expert in helping senior parents moving into a different lifestyle.
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