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About Bruce Nemovitz

Bruce Nemovitz has been a Realtor in the Milwaukee area for more than thirty-five years. He is in expert in helping senior parents moving into a different lifestyle.

When You Don’t Think You Are Doing Enough…You’re Doing All You Can

Working with seniors and their children has taught me one thing — moving from a long time home is one of the most difficult moves you can make, especially when age has dictated that move! Many of my articles over … Continue reading

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When there is No Help from Your Parents…It’s just You and the home to sell

As our parents are living longer, well into their 80’s and 90’s, far too many older adults have memory issues included several types of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease. Other situation where no help from our parents is available is the … Continue reading

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Children’s Best Intentions May Offer Challenges!

Here’s the scenario. Mom is living in a two story home and dad is in the hospital receiving medical attention for chronic ailments. They have approached an age where health becomes a bit more unpredictable. Their children worry about the … Continue reading

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Prepare for Success in 2013

The pendulum of the ever-changing real estate market is forever moving from one extreme to the other, sometimes at a fast pace as seen in the boom years in the early 2000’s as well as the great recession of 2008 … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait for Crisis Management!

All too often I meet with a baby boomer emotionally drained from the responsibility tied to a parent or parent’s immediate move due to a health change. None of us want to burden our children with decisions that in many … Continue reading

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A Stager’s Pizzazz Can Bring Great Returns!!

We all know the real estate market has changed drastically over the last 5 years. Much of what worked in the past is no longer relevant to today’s buyers. Purchasers today have a wide assortment of homes and condos to … Continue reading

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2012 Real Estate Forecast…What to Do?

I am fortunate to have a view of the real estate market which most folks just don’t have. I sell many homes each year and talk to mortgage lenders, buyers, sellers, home inspectors, stagers, contractors and so many others connected … Continue reading

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Preparing Your Home Now Can Mean Freedom to Move Later

Have you ever tried to paint the outside of your home in the winter? Not a good idea! All too often, I visit with folks ready to make their move and put the home on the market. They are excited … Continue reading

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Success or Failure…Either/Or…Really!

Many of you had a job that involved sales in various aspects of your career. In so many cases there were “winners” and “losers”. You won an award for selling more than your co-worker. If you didn’t measure up to … Continue reading

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The Real Estate Market; We Do Have Control!

So many of us are wondering what direction the real estate market will go. Will prices rise, will prices fall? Will foreclosures increase or will they decrease? When will the market stabilize and when will prices recover? The answers to … Continue reading

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